June 29, 2014

Don't Do That

As adults, when we deal with children and they are about to do something that we really, really know they shouldn’t be doing, we frequently use the don’t word.  In other words “do not do that”. 

However when it comes to dealing with fellow adults we tend not to use such strong language instead settling for more soft expressions such as;

  • “Have you considered an alternative?”
  • “Are there any risks associated with what you are suggesting?”
  • “Has anyone done it like that before?”

We tend to use a coaching rather than a directive style.  Coaching is good; it develops the capabilities of the person we are offering the coaching to.

Having been involved with the design and delivery of knowledge management programs for many, many years there are certain things that anyone working in the field, or about to undertake KM work should avoid.  Sure, you might be the exception to the rule and these might not happen to you but having seen so many instances where KM programs did go wrong because of these don’ts  that I would like to in the next few posts offer them to your for your consideration.