December 23, 2013

Packaging Knowledge

When you are writing anything you should put yourself in the shoes of the end user, the person who will read the material. In that way what you write should be of interest and value to them. This is something that is frequently forgotten about way packaging knowledge and know-how.

This was brought home to me in a very stark way when I received the instruction book for a piece of equipment recently. The instructions had obviously been written by someone who was skilled in the operation of the equipment, or at least that is my assumption! The instructions were of no help to me whatsoever as I had never operated this type of equipment in the past. The best place for the instruction book was the recycle bin. Fortunately I have a friend who could come to my rescue and show me how to operate the equipment.

It reminded me of the lesson that if you are packaging knowledge and know-how to be reused by someone else, you have to stand in their shoes, pretend to be them and write it in their language and a way that they can readily understand and make use of.

Knoco Ltd

December 9, 2013

Lessons Management 2.0

Web 2.0 heralded a step change in the functionality of the web, Lessons Management Hub is probably lessons learned 2.0 because it is likely  to make the same level of step change in how lessons are managed.

Lessons Management Hub is based on the ‘best of the best’ functionality and workflow for the management of lessons.  No longer will lessons be dumped in a database, now they will be part of the workflow.

* Actions to be assigned to ensure that the learning from the lesson is embedded in the corporate memory

* Actions can be tracked until closure
* The provisions of an audit trail (for methods such as Lean and Six Sigma), demonstrating the continuous, systematic improvement by archiving completed lessons

* Users to subscribe to themes and be alerted by emails to new lessons or actions

* The risk and value of lesson are displayed

* Report generation, to demonstrate the value of managing lessons to senior management

* Etc

If you would like to see the functionality of Lessons Management Hub, drop me an email and I will arrange a WebEx.