June 28, 2013

Lessons Learned Of My Life

I was heading off to do some client work, nothing unusual in that.  I had fallen asleep on the flight, nothing unusual in that.  I had picked up my Kindle (wonderful device, thank you Amazon) and was selecting the next book to read.  I select my books at random without reading the description.  Sometimes the book will have been obtained very recently, sometimes it has been on the Kindle for sometime.

I started to read the book and at first it seemed relatively straightforward story but then it moved into an interesting concept, one that got my attention.

What if you could write a book of the lessons you had learned during your lifetime and it was available to you in your subsequent lives?

The idea was that you could write a book of lessons that you had learned and might be useful to you in the future.  You could also deposit you financial wealth so that it was available in future.  Your ‘account’ was linked to a pattern that the company could detect in your eye.   Once they had that pattern on file they would then go looking (in the future) for someone that had eyes that matched the pattern on file.  The conclusion was that if they had the same pattern, they were you from a previous life.  They then made your lessons learned book and your financial funds available, less fee of course.

It was a highly enjoyable book and the remainder of the flight passed very quickly but it got me thinking; what if you could write a book of lessons you had learned during your life, that could be made available to you in the future, what would your write?

Now before you get started writing down all the things you have learned, just remember you will be accessing this book ‘in the future’ so probably things associated with technology might not be appropriate, just think of how much technology has changed in the last few year.  My parents had the first television in their street, now we watch it on mobile devices and even select the programs we want to watch rather than what the broadcasters provide.  Not so long ago music was on glass discs, I think they were called 75’s, now we have music on mobile telephones and iPods.  So recording lessons associated with technology might not be the most useful to you.

I have found the exercise of trying to define what I would read in my book of lessons learned during my life.  So what would you record as your lessons?