December 17, 2012

Providing Funding To Exploit Knowledge

As I travel around I come across a growing number of companies that have knowledge and expertise but are struggling to obtain funding to allow them to apply it.  Banks are becoming very risk averse and even companies that have an excellent track record are finding it very difficult to obtain funding for expansion, acquisition or even just to grow an already successful business.

So I decided in my own small way to do something about it.  I decided that I would put some of my personal money (not Knoco Ltd money) into peer to peer lending.  I would become part of a group of people who would pool their money to provide loans to business.  I am not recommending this to anyone but I have to admit it does make me feel good that in some small way I am helping other businesses to fund their growth, create jobs and provide the opportunity for knowledge to be applied.

December 7, 2012

Connecting People to People

Earlier in the week I posted the quote “It's great to help people find data, but it's even better to help people find people who know the data,” from Special Agent G Clayton Grigg of the FBI LinkedIn and Twitter. 

The reason that I posted it is that there seems to be a tendency to make knowledge management very complex but this is very simple and easy to understand.  If we make knowledge management appear complex it creates barriers to entry and participation.  People will be put off even trying to share and re-use knowledge and experience.  The quote is simple and too the point, link people to people and great things can happen.