October 14, 2011

I Am Not An Alien

I am not an alien and I have proof!

In any Hollywood movie where the aliens invade Earth the aliens are always defeated not by bullets, missiles or nuclear weapons but by a virus. We obviously can’t see the virus beating the alien, we just see the alien dropping to its knees (or alien equivalent) before eventually giving in or fleeing the planet.

I was struck down with by a virus this week and survived. So if I survived a virus I can’t be an alien, in pure Sherlock Holmes logic. I feel better now that I know that I am not an alien. I was not destroyed by a virus therefore I am not an alien.
We frequently hear people, especially the more mature amongst the workforce, being encouraged to ‘share their knowledge’. I came across these examples this week of people who shared but perhaps it wasn’t the best idea;

* A robber enters the bank wearing a full face motorcycle helmet, takes the money and escapes but is almost immediately arrested. He ‘shared’ his identity by having his name painted across the front of his helmet.

* A robber breaks into an office and holds the manager at knife point and demands money. The manager explains they don’t have much cash but if he would take a cheque they had plenty of money in the company’s bank account. The robber agreed to take a cheque and when the manager asked “Who should we make the cheque payable to?”, the robber shared his name. He was arrested shortly thereafter.

* A bank was about to be shut down and demolished when bank robber broken in at time. The found the vault empty and lying open. They were amazed at the acoustics of the large empty vault and one of them decided to see what would happen to the acoustics if they closed the vault door. Fortunately one of them remained outside when they close the vault door to check. Several hours later he still couldn’t get the vault door open to release his colleagues and eventually had to call the fire and rescue to release them. Sharing a curiosity about acoustics probably wasn’t a good idea.

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October 12, 2011

Expectation Drives Behavour

I am sure we all subscribe to the idea that leadership is key when undertaking any change initiative such as knowledge management. An important part of that leadership is setting clear expectations which are more than establishing policies and procedures. It’s also about asking questions; “Who have you learned from?”; ”What is the other project doing?”; “Can we use any of their learning here?”

The idea of setting clear expectations is highlighted in this article from the BBC.

The article describes how our behaviour is driven by what is expected of us.

Perhaps it is a logical conclusion to assume that if you expect people to manage knowledge they will.

However that expectation needs to be part of an overall framework that includes roles, accountabilities and governance.

October 7, 2011

We Still Lack The Knowledge

If found it interesting today, the 10th Anniversary of the start of fighting in Afghanistan that the retired US Army General Stanley McChrystal said that they still lacked the knowledge to achieve a successful end.

He didn’t say they lack the manpower or the weapons or the logistical systems or the funding to achieve a successful end but the knowledge.

Knowledge is vital.

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