February 3, 2011

Early Example Of A Knowledge Asset

I was watching a CNN program on the Challenger Shuttle Disaster anniversary. It transpired that they had a camera crew in the studio filming what was going on in the background to be used in a program on how they make programs. The CNN program was broadcasting the launch of the Challenger Shuttle and the commentary when the disaster happened. They captured in real time the initial reaction in the newsroom and the actions that happened behind the scenes as the horrible truth started to dawn on the broadcasters. One of the things that caught my attention was the use of an early ‘knowledge asset’.

They needed ‘facts and figures’ about NASA and what they would be doing in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. Remember that the explosion was broadcast live on television, you could see them to a page in a ring binder, taking out a page, and handing it to someone who put it on the teleprompter and it then being read by the anchor man that was appears on the screens of those around the world who were watching the CNN coverage.

It will be interesting to see if oil refineries around the world start to learn from each other. I was at a presentation recently at which a vendor said they were working will a very large oil company to identify the carbon footprint for each of their refineries world wide as they would have to pay a carbon tax fine in the USA on emissions anywhere in the world. The presentation seemed to be about capturing the data on who was emitting what but very little about how they were going to transfer learning on how to reduce the emissions.

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