January 10, 2011

Six Day Weekend

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone.

We haven’t reached the middle of January and already I have broken one of my New Year resolutions! I had intended to make my blog page more graphical and insert lots of photos. My colleague, Nick Milton’s blog is excellent in that it contains great content and it also looks good. So why is this blog page still just text? I have no real excuse or justification for continuing with text only. Perhaps I don’t want to spend the time and energy learning how to insert photographs into a blog page. I have recently been using the contents of a photo library in my PowerPoint presentation and the impact is very positive. So while I know it makes a positive impact to include photographs in my presentation, I still haven’t gotten around to doing it with this blog page.

I have spent a very large part of my working life working across time zones, it’s just part of my working environment but recently I have started to experience a variation on that; the three weekend, weekend.

Did you know that there are three weekends depending on where you are located in the world? There is the Thursday/Friday; the Friday/ Saturday and the Saturday/Sunday weekend. Currently I am working across all three of them which seems to mean that my working week has extended to seven day a week. It has been exacerbated by my wrist watch being in for service. It is thirty years old now (who says the Swiss don’t make the best watches in the world) and is currently in for servicing. I don’t mean replacing the battery but rather being oiled, gaskets replaced, balance wheel being recalibrated, all good old fashioned mechanical things. Now having had it on my wrist for over thirty years I knew I would miss it when it went in for servicing (18 weeks!) but what I really, really, really didn’t appreciate how much I would miss the date / day functionality. I look at the watch on my wrist and it just tells me the time; someone recently described it as a single function device! So not only don’t I know what date / day it is but I don’t know where in the world it’s the weekend.

So perhaps the reason that I have failed on my New Year’s resolution is due to not having my faithful wristwatch to tell me the date / day which means I don’t know if it’s the weekend or not which means I don’t know if I should be working or resting or not. Confused? Time for a cup of tea I think.

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