December 18, 2010

New Knowledge

I travel a lot and to ensure that I don’t lose things in hotel rooms I am very careful that I always put them back in the same place each and every time. If there is a safe I put everything that will fit into it, in the safe. So today it came as a huge, and I mean huge shock to discover that I couldn’t find my ipod.

At first I thought, I must of misplaced it then I thought, no I don’t misplace things. I search every drawer in the room, the safe, my suitcase, my shoes just in case it had fallen in there. I searched under the bed, I looked everywhere. I tried to remember when I had last used and what I had done with it……….I had put it in the safe before I went for breakfast but it wasn’t in the safe.

I am ashamed to admit that I was beginning to think that perhaps the room cleaner had ‘borrowed’ it by mistake. Perhaps they had gotten it mixed up with theirs.
I was past the desperate stage especially given that it had been a present. I was convinced I had put it in the safe but it wasn’t there. I went back to the room safe and emptied it again; this was the fourth time I had done this. Even although I could see it was empty I ran my hand over the interior of the safe, I was getting to the stage of not even trusting my eyesight. Don’t ask me why but I touched the internal roof of the safe. I will never understand why I did it because it would mean that the ipod was defying the laws of gravity. I know that the ipod is a clever device but I am sure defeating the laws of gravity aren’t amongst its ex factory features.

The ipod was stuck to the internal roof of the safe. The ipod was in a leather wallet and the magnetic closing stud had adhered to the roof of the safe. Never in a million years would I have considered that as the reason that I couldn’t find it.
Sometimes knowledge is like that, you think you know everything and you can’t learn anything but as my experience with the missing ipod and our Bird Island both illustrate, there is always room for learning.

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