July 26, 2010

A $1 Billion Worth Of Added Value Via KM

Would you like to add $1 billion worth of added value to your organisation?

Mars, the food and chocolate group, have added $1 billion worth of value to their business by managing their know-how.

Knoco has been working with clients around the world for about eleven years now. During that time we have seen organisations move from ‘what is this knowledge management thing’ to ‘how would we do it in our business’? We work with them to create their strategy, the implementation plan and then the framework that will be rolled out to the whole organisation. Our aim is to transfer our skills to them and help them to deliver sustainable value to their business.

Our clients work in competitive global markets so confidentiality and discretion is important. The recent news from the Mars KM team, a team that we have had a long association with, is that knowledge management has helped to add $1 billion of value to the organisation. This news should be celebrated. Knowledge enabled delivery is the terminology used in Mars to indicate that the business line delivers the value using knowledge.

So if your organisation is being challenged to do more with less or your management is challenging you to take the organisation to a new level of performance, tell them about Mars and how managing their knowledge added $1 billion in value to the organisation.

Mars will be one of the case studies on my forthcoming book,” Knowledge Management for Sales and Marketing”.

Everyone at Knoco is delighted that Mars is now starting to share the successes that they have had in managing knowledge, they really are world class. We look forward to many more years’ association with them.

You can read more about this at my colleague Nick Milton’s blog. The approach that Mars are taking to managing knowledge can be read about at the Knoco web site.

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